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Maintenance of your guitar

Sali guitars do not need any extra care, however the following is extremely imporant:

Air humidity

  • Allowed range of relative air humidity for Sali guitars is between 40% - 70%. Slight variations out of this range are allowed if they do not last for more than several days.

  • Too low air humidity will dry the wood of your guitar, therefore cracks in sides, fingerboard, top and back due shrinkage will occur. In addition, neck and bridge can suffer serious irreversible injuries.

  • Too high air humidity will swell up the wood which can result in serious deformation of all guitar parts.

  • If air humidity is under 40% then a simple humidifier must be inserted into the resonant hole and near the guitar head whilst the instrument is stored in a case.

  • If air humidity is above 70% then a silica gel must be inserted into the resonant hole and next to guitar head whilst the instrument is stored in a case.

Air temperature

  • Allowed range of air temperature for Sali guitars is between 5C - 35C. Slight variations out of this range are allowed if they do not last for more than several days.

  • Too low air temperature can cause changes in glued joints of your instrument but in general the wood itself is not so sensitive to low temperatures. An indirect consequence of low temperatures is low air humidity which can cause much more serious damage than low temperatures themselves.

  • High air temperature usually means high air moisture, too. There is also a direct danger due to high temperatures which can cause a significant decrease of strength of glued joints. Leaving your guitar in a car during a hot summer day is strictly dissuaded. The guitar can be literally ruined in less than one hour.

Heat sources

  • Do not leave your instrument next to heat sources. A damage of guitar body and neck can occur in a very short time.


  • The only part of a guitar which actually needs cleaning is a fingerboard. When you replace the strings you can use soft dry cloth and wipe the frets and fingerboard surface. You can also wipe other parts of a guitar with gentle pressure. Do not use any detergent, alcohol or any chemical mean! This will ruin your guitar's finish!

Tuning machines

  • We advice you to add a small drop of oil onto each of six pairs of gears of your tuning machines at least once per two months. Avoid to add too large drop of oil because the guitar head (and case) will become dirty, wood will swell up and the performance of your tuning machines will decrease. Another option is to use light colored grease instead of oil.


  • Ideally the guitar should be stored in a guitar case of highest quality. This will prevent injuries due to foreign objects, etc. During the transport the case with a guitar should be in a horizontal position with its back on the floor which will prevent breaking of the instrument. Forces during transportation due to vibrations will be distributed over the whole guitar back in this case. The worst position is a vertical position of the case because forces will be distributed over a small area of the lower bout of the guitar.



There is 3 years warranty on Sali guitars for a damage, which is not a consequence of inproper handling with the instrument or its normal wear through time. Inproper handling is:

  • incorrect air humidity and temperature and consecutive deformations and cracks of the instrument

  • mechanical damages and damages due to chemical substances, etc.

  • damages due to direct exposure to heat sources, etc.

Normal wear which is proportional to playing time of your instrument: wear of frets, fingerboard, nut and saddle, bridge and tuning machines, and damages of varnish on typical places (neck, sides and both boards).


For the owners of Sali guitar who live reasonably close to our workshop (less than 250 km) we suggest personal delivery of the instrument which needs to be examined or repaired. In contrast we suggest post services for owners whose location is not reasonably close to our workshop (more than 250 km). In case of justified warranty assert we propose shared costs for shipping (one way covered by the customer, another way covered by us). Adjustment of neck relief and adjustment of saddle height are not a subject of warranty. However, we perform them free of charge if you organize transportation on your cost. These adjustments are usually necessary after several months of playing.





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